Spartanburg 1st Church of the Nazarene
Our Faith Overcomes
September 13, 2020 Worship Event
Locations & Times
  • Spartanburg 1st Church of the Nazarene
    9149 Asheville Hwy, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, USA
    Sunday 10:40 AM
    Sunday 10:35 AM
“In confession the believer takes his stand, commits his life, declares what he believes to be true, affirms his ultimate loyalty, and defies every false claim upon his life.”
-John H. Leith
Victory, Assurance, Confidence, and Understanding
“The Christian is already a victor over the sinful world by his virtue of having believed in Christ as the Son of God. By that same faith, maintained and confirmed, the world is overcome.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“To overcome the world means to be victorious in one’s own life over all that makes the world what it is in its opposition to God.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“But this faith also includes love of the brethren, and so the victory is a victory of love. Love of the brethren overflows and strives to make ‘children of God’ of those who are ‘children of the devil’.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“Where love is the weapon, salvation the missile, and eternal life the aim, victory is resurrection, rather than destruction, and overcoming becomes winning. The best way to destroy an enemy is to win him to one’s own cause.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“The Christian has the corroborating witness within his own heart, because he has become a partaker of the eternal life of God.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“He who does not believe does not have life, and this whole discussion has no real meaning to him.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“This confidence or ‘boldness’ which comes from the knowledge of possessing eternal life results in a confidence in respect to prayer for the brethren.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“This kind of prayer is praying in faith, asking anything, everything for the brethren, but leaving the results to the will of God, who knows what is going on.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“It is knowledge of God, of the possession of eternal life, and of all things necessary for salvation; it comes from obedience to God, from the possession of love for the brethren, and is attested by the indwelling Holy Spirit.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“This knowledge is more than an intuition because it can be tested in the experiences of life.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“We know God in personal experience. We know that He is real and we are in Him who is real. God is the Father of Jesus Christ, in whom has been revealed eternal life.”
-Harvey J. S Blaney
“What cannot be thought through critically and expressed with reasonable clarity cannot demand the allegiance of man’s whole being. Understanding is necessary for man’s full commitment. Hence faith must be spoken and made intelligible.”
-John H. Leith
“Nothing is so free and untrammeled [unrestricted] as personal faith and love…No man is free unless he is free to believe and to love.”
-Harvey J. S. Blaney
Do you have the victory that overcomes the world?
Is your faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God?
Does your life witness to this truth?