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Love Over Fear: Welcome One Another
Welcome! This fall we are exploring the theme of "Love Over Fear", using biblical passages and themes from Dan White, Jr.'s book by that title. Many have said that this season is the most divisive in recent history for our nation. What does it look like for people who are loved by God to learn to love their enemies and bring healing to our polarized world? We hope you'll join us on the journey! Be sure to join us each week, in person or online, at 10:30am, or
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Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. on Zoom. The Adult Sunday School class is
following a video series called Me and My Big Mouth. This series, by Andy Stanley, will talk about how we can prevent our mouths from getting us into big trouble.
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ECC’s Council is hosting a youth cookout tonight for middle school and up. They want to celebrate kicking off the school year and seek youth input on the direction of ECC’s youth ministry. Join us for hotdogs and hamburgers tonight, September 13, from 5:30-7:00pm next to the Life Center.
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Join us for a picnic on the lawn at ECC, Sunday evening, September 27, at 5:30pm. Bring a picnic blanket, dinner for your family, and any lawn games you’d like to play. There will be a desert truck in the parking lot (more details to come!). As we gather, we’ll share details of how we envision re-opening our Children’s Ministry (nursery through elementary kids) on Sunday, October 4. Please rsvp below if you plan to join us!
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September 22 and 23 are our days to staff the food pantry. They are currently operating as a no-contact, drive-thru pantry. Volunteers are needed to help unload the Food Finders truck on Tuesday morning and to pack boxes and load cars Wednesday afternoon. Please sign up below. You can contact the church office with any questions.
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NETam and NETpm are starting this week. NETpm will start Tuesday, September 15, with What the Women Saw on Zoom at 6:30pm. NETam will start Thursday, September 17, with What the Women Saw on Zoom at 9:30am and He Speaks to Me at Bev Wilson’s home. Sign up at!
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Love Over Fear: Welcome One Another
September 13, 2020
Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost
Stacey Littlefield, Lead Pastor
Write this week's Good News Statement below:
Questions to ponder:
According to the Foreward to Love Over Fear, the acronym, VUCA, stands for that atmosphere in which we find ourselves these days: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. What is your experience of these things? What about these things concerns or frightens you? What kind of atmosphere is the opposite of VUCA? Can you come up with four words?
Question to ponder:
Read Romans 15.5-7. Why do you think having one voice and one mind between Jews and Gentiles brings glory and praise to God? Who might the "Jews" and "Gentiles" be for us, today? What are the ways we are divided from one another, even in the Body of Christ?
Question to ponder:
Read Ephesians 2.11-22. Why is the "Therefore" in v.11? What does it point back to? How do vv.1-10 related to vv.11-22? How does this passage speak to the sermon passage (Romans 15.1-13)? What are the parallels? What does Romans 15 add to Ephesians 2?
Questions to ponder.
In the Introduction to his book, Dan White, Jr. says that nothing compares to the "most glorious, most brilliant, most scandalous love of God" in Christ Jesus. In what ways do you think the love of God in Christ is each of these phrases Dan uses to describe it?
“In my search for solutions to the polarization we are caught in, I discovered that Jesus, in the first century, faced the same emotional and spiritual gridlock we are facing. Jesus inhabited a boiling Crock-Pot of both progressives and conservatives (it’s true, for real). It was thick and sticky and bitter. I wondered if there was a way, a peculiar way forward that Jesus carved out for this movement called Christianity. This was not a quaint exploration for me; the hostility we feel toward each other must be dismantled, or it will destroy us. It might be the most pressing issue of our time.” (Love Over Fear, Dan White, Jr., p.14)

What do you know about the "boiling Crock-Pot" in which Jesus lived and ministered? Who were the major players? Who were enemies?

How do you feel about Dan's statements in the last two sentences, above? Do they resonate with you? Why or why not?
A practice to engage.
1. Sign up for the Daily Scripture email from ECC. Simply click on the "Communication Card" link above.

2. Once a day, take 5-10 minutes to read over a brief passage (perhaps one of the ones from the Daily Scripture email!) out loud, two or three times. Then sit quietly. Practice stillness, silence, and solitude. Take a word or phrase from the passage and reflect on it as you prayerfully and slowly breathe in and out. Set a timer for 3 minutes or 5 minutes, or more.

3. From now until Sunday, November 15, fast one day each week from your go-to cable news source and social media. (Hint: This might be a practice to maintain long after we're finished with Love Over Fear)

If You're Fighting the Culture War, You're Losing

Follow the link below to read Cap Stewart's thoughtful article on culture wars.
Prayer for Forgiveness and a Kingdom Life
God, this day, I desire your forgiveness and mercy; I need your grace and peace to reign in my life and relationships. I confess my sin and selfishness to you. I confess that I cannot do this on my own, and I ask that you grant me your grace and peace, and that you teach me how to live as you lived. I choose daily to surrender myself to you, though I know I will not do so perfectly. I choose daily to rely on your grace to forgive me, to heal me, and to transform me. In Christ’ name, Amen.
Prayer for the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
O God, because without you we are not able to please you, mercifully grant that your Holy Spirit may in all things direct and rule our hearts; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.