North River Church
Locations & Times
  • North River Church
    4215 Rice Mine Rd NE, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406, USA
    Sondag 10:00 VM
BiG Idea: The goal of a Christian is to PURSUE Christ
BiG Question: Do I really want to be like Jesus?

We can pursue the image of Christ because we have been UNITED with Him
Whatever fills me CONTROLS me

He SPOKE with wisdom like Jesus
I am never alone when I live SENT
He SUFFERED and died like Jesus
1) Christian suffering is inevitable, but God’s mission is UNSTOPPABLE
2) Jesus can save the WORST of sinners

Next Steps

Memorize: Philippians 3:10I will read Stephen’s sermon this week (Acts 7:1-53)I will pray for _________ to respond to the GospelI will examine what’s filling meI will join a Growth GroupI will ask Stephen or Landon about serving

Worship through Giving