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Dancing With Joy
When the truth of who God is and what He has done for us touches our hearts we will instinctively worship Him with joyful expressions of love and praise.
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  • 415 Maxwell King Dr, East Saint Paul, MB R2E 0A1, Canada
    Friday 2:00 PM
2 Samuel 6:16-23
Have you ever got so excited about who God is and what He has done in your life that you wanted to dance as an expression of joy?
King David’s heart of joy for God’s goodness and grace spilled over into a physical expression of worship.
David plans to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem but he does it his way, not God’s way.
David was learning that you don’t mess with God’s holiness by trying to give Him a hand. You surrender to His ways in obedience and humility.
Three months later the Ark is on the move again and this time David does it God’s way.

The joy of worshipping a holy God became too much to keep inside. So David leaps and dances before the Lord with all his might.
We will only ever have a passion to worship when we realize the immensity of God’s holiness in light of our sinfulness and His grace in light of our waywardness.
When we realize what Christ has done for us on the cross we might just want to get up and dance!
As the Spirit of God moves us from within the posture of our worship can be an expression of the posture of our heart.
Sacrificial worship will be tested. When Michal saw her husband’s passionate worship of God, she despised him in her heart.
- Michal thought it was beneath David’s position which uncovered her pride.

- Michal didn’t share David’s passion and joy in God because her heart was filled with resentment.

- Michal didn’t realize that God was David’s first love and that was good for her.
When two people are passionate for God you will have a passionate marriage.
It was God who called to David to be King and that choice was so humbling that he would gladly become more undignified than this to worship God.
- How do you express your devotion and joy to King Jesus?
This is more than a physical expression of dance; this is about the dance of joy in our hearts.
- Are you more concerned about your image than praising God with all our heart?
- Do you hide our emotions in fear or do you express them in freedom?
- Is there something stopping the overflow of the Spirit’s joy in your life?
- What needs to die in you so that you can become more alive to God?
Worship is all about God’s honour. His ways, not our ways. Let’s learn to move to the rhythm of His heart and worship Him with the passion of the Holy Spirit within us.

Worship Through Giving

Giving back to God is a regular expression of worship, gratitude and praise.  See our giving options. Offering Prayer: God thank you for everything that you have provided to us. We give back to you as an expression of worship, gratitude, and praise for who you are. You are a good good father. Thank you that through this challenging time, we are assured that we do not need to worry, but trust that you will provide for our needs. Help us to be generous with what you have given, and lead us into opportunities to bless and serve others with the resources you have given to us. In Jesus' name. Amen

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