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Globally Connected - Part 3 - Sowing
Welcome to Part 3 of the Globally Connected series. A Globally Connected Church must be a Sowing Church!
Locations & Times
  • Real Church
    540 S Hercules Ave, Clearwater, FL 33764, USA
    Sunday 5:00 AM
There are 4 key characteristics of a Globally Connected Church
1.) Relational
2.) Discipling
3.) Sowing
4.) Going
Seedtime and harvest

You sow a seed… there is time of development… then there is a harvest….
This will always be on the earth as long as it endures… And… it is key for you to realizing the dreams and desires that God put in your heart!
Seed reproduce according to its own kind!
where are you sowing your time, talent and treasure? Should you reevaluate?

Sow where you want to go!
The kind of seed you sow, is the kind of fruit you grow!
What ever is first in an area of your life, is the center of that area!


You are invited to participate in worship and in the local body of Christ as Real Church through giving.