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Hope Community Church
Sunday Morning Gathering (April 8th, 2018)
• Hope's Coffee Café - coffee/tea bar in the foyer from 9:30-9:55 AM • Child Care (ages 6wks-5yrs) & Kids Church (K-5th Grade) provided!
Locations & Times
  • Hope Community Church
    1240 Jay St, Waterford Twp, MI 48327, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Week 1:
[Appreciating the gift of "today"]

Procrastination =
to postpone or delay doing what is deemed as one's responsibility

Why do we procrastinate?
Fear (We think it won't be good enough)
Laziness (We like being inactive)
Busyness (We're overcommitted)
Hypocrisy (We're trying to be someone we're not)
Complexity (We're overwhelmed by the task)
Drudgery (We find the task boring or unpleasant)
Purpose (We're not sure who/what is most important)
Assumption (We believe time is on our side)
Charity births clarity.
"What was memorable is now regrettable."
Charity births priorities.
circumspectly = exact, targeted
Charity births momentum.
redeeming = to rescue from loss
We call today "the present" because it's a GIFT!
G o
I n
F ull
T hrottle

What are you leaving on the table or in your tank?

Mission: Possible
Today I will use my GIFT to ___________.

Next week:
(People > Possessions)