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Ephesians Intro Episode 1_2020
Welcome to Crossroads Barnwell episode one of our series through the book of Ephesians. Over the next several weeks we will walk together through Ephesians book by book topic by topic. But today I want to first give you an overview of Ephesians main themes, outline, purpose, and the city of Ephesus. This background will be invaluable as we travel together through the book.
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    Wednesday 6:30 PM


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Main Themes:
Doctrine: Our Riches in Christ Ch. 1-3
Duty: Our Responsibilities in Christ Ch 4-6
Conclusion Ch 6

Author Paul
Place Roman Prison
Date 60-61 AD
Our service with the wrong heart is not service to God but service to ourselves.
If John were writing Revelations today what rebuke would sit upon our shoulders from God? How have we treated His Glory, His Goodness, or His Grace? This is not the time to look at anyone else as we should be evaluating our walk with Christ better yet our relationship with Christ.
Foundational Truth: Salvation Releases the Sinner from Slavery
Spiritual Truth: Believers Have Been Adopted by the King

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