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    Sunday 10:00 AM
"Those who follow Jesus submit to different way of living - we ought to be distinct, holy, set apart because of what Christ has done". (Peter)
"LEAN IN" is Peter's exhortation for followers of Jesus to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The way we treat other people around us is the greatest testimony of how God's grace shapes our lives.


Through Jesus, God is building us into His Spiritual Household and we are each a unique and significant living stone.

>>> Our conduct in all horizontal relationships gives great witness to the gospel message.
How we get along with other people around us reveals a great deal about how the gospel is shaping our lives.

Family Guidelines Checklist:

- Live in harmony with one another.
- Be sympathetic towards one other.
- Love one other as brothers and sisters.
- Be compassionate to each other.
- Be humble around one another.
- Fight constructively with one another.

Vertical Grace empowers us for horizontal grace.
>>> When our lives are on trial the way we respond points to Jesus and brings glory to God's name.

We can and we will be on trial for doing what is right
- Stepping out of our comfort zones often leads to some form of suffering.
- Compassion calls us to suffer with others around us.
- As followers of Jesus we are called to LEAN INTO OUR DISCOMFORT.