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The Judgment Hall: A Place of Injustice
As we continue our series "From the Upper Room to the Empty Tomb," we come today to the place of the judgment hall and the trials of Jesus. There wasn't just one trial, in fact, Jesus stood trial six times. Nothing about any of these trials were fair. Injustice was the rule of order for the trials of Jesus. This morning, I want to look at the third Jewish trial Jesus endured. In the midst of injustice, I want us to see the contrast between Jesus and what was happening to Him. After we note the contrasts, I want us to see the truths which are ours as we walk in a world that can be very unjust at times.
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I. The Wicked Leaders and the Sinless Christ Luke 22:66-71
A. Jesus is asked to incriminate Himself.
B. Jesus' answer.
1. Farce.
2. "You will see."
C. Leads to the second question of the Jewish leaders.
D. Jesus responded boldly and clearly.
E.The Verdict: Guilty.
F. What is the take away from here? Sometimes it is best to say nothing.
II. The Guilty Judas and the Innocent Jesus Matthew 27:3-5
A. Judas is filled with remorse. Why?
B. Judas tries to undo what he had done by returning the money.
C. Judas regretted, but did not repent.
D. What is the take away from Judas? Do you need to repent, not just be sorry?
III. The hypocrisy of men and the prophecy of God Matthew 27:6-10
A. The Law of God made no provision for the use of blood money.
B. Took council. Decided to buy a field for a graveyard.
C. Renaming to the Field of Blood.
D. Matthew notes the fulfillment of prophecy.
E. What is the take away from this contrast? Hypocrisy plays both loose and tight with the rules.
If you are ever in a place where injustice happens, please remember what our Lord did for us. He survived injustice so we can experience eternal life.

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