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Sticks and stones may break our bones...but words can kill our souls. That’s why James calls the tongue a restless evil, full of deadly poison. In an increasingly digital world, our words have more power now than perhaps ever before. Join us for a timely study of God’s wisdom for dealing with four kinds of toxic talk that are a dangerous trap for all of us.
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Mockery is making fun of someone you disagree with.
God calls mockery a wicked sin.
Why does God compare mockers to fools?

1. Fools prefer mockery over the much harder work of intellectual debate.

2. Permitting mockery prevents wisdom.
The good news is that when we remove mockery from our lives, we find that wisdom grows in its place.
Complexity challenges certainty.
The wise acknowledge complexity and talk carefully, but mockers ignore complexity and talk carelessly.
Mockers look for ammo rather than info.
Biblical discernment is more about seizing what's right than spotting what's wrong.
If you want to be wise, stop looking for ammo and start looking for info.
What better way to practice spreading peace instead of poison than to refuse to mock those that we disagree with?
Mockery is talking about a parody like it’s a portrait.
If what I’m saying about a person is all someone else has to go on, would they be getting a parody or a portrait?
Do a “mockery review” of your social media activity for the past month.
When we remove mockery from our lives, we find that wisdom grows in its place.
Am I willing to start looking for info rather than ammo?