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God designed us to grow! In Ephesians 2, we'll look at God's odd design!
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Original 3 Little Pigs

There's more to the story as told in the 1922 version of the English Fairy Tales!


Origen vs Celsus

Origen, an early church leader, wrote in 248AD a response to the pagan philosopher, Celsus. It's referenced in this book on Church Growth. "
I have downloaded the entire 1000+ page .PDF of Origen's response if you'd like to read it. Email me!

It was Thomas Aquinas, that famous Italian Friar in the 1200's who wrote "The bread of angels has become the bread of mankind; this heavenly bread puts an end to all images; O wonderful reality! The poor, the slave, and the humble can eat (celebrate) the Lord."

HGTV - Open Floor Plans

Chip & Joanna Gaines love open floor plans. You can view a few of the concept through this link.


Mahatma Gandhi issue

You can find the quote of Mahatma Gandhi's rejection of Christianity in this article from the Kansas City newspaper.

Don't forget our mission:
Tell God's Story, Show God's Love, and Be God's Family!

We need to be there for people.

A preacher asked a drug dealer how he was so successful. The response is found here in the Baltimore Sun.