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Love You, Mean It Week 1
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Plain Truth: When you encounter Christ and you decide to change addresses, your life will never be the same.
1. Undeniable sense of gratitude – which is the opposite of entitlement.
2. Gratitude fuels an active love which fights for restoration.
3. We no longer see ourselves as servants, but we see ourselves as sons and daughters of God.

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Life Group Lesson for the Week of March 11, 2018
When we encounter Jesus, we move either toward God or away. Scripture speaks of men and women who meet Jesus and move toward God. Jesus finds Peter, James and John fishing—they immediately leave their nets to fish for men. Jesus asks the woman at the well for a drink of water—she begins telling others about the Living Water. Saul of Tarsus is blinded by the Risen Christ on his way to persecute Christ-followers. Soon he becomes Paul and begins proclaiming Christ’s message to the world—LOVE YOU, MEAN IT.
Scripture also speaks of those who retract at the appearing of God’s Son. We think of Herod the Great, Pontius Pilate, and many of the religious leaders. Two days before Passover, it seems the leading priests and scribes had nothing better to do with their time than to look for ways to plot Jesus’ death. During Passover when thousands of worshipers came to Jerusalem, the religious leaders were preoccupied with deeds of darkness. They had encountered God’s Son, but rejected Him. Instead of moving to a place of grace, they chose to continue living in piety and works-righteousness.
Read Mark 14:1-9
1. While the religious leaders were plotting how to capture Jesus, Jesus was “in Bethany at the home of Simon, a man who had previously had leprosy” (Mark 14:3a). According to v3b, what happened while Jesus was eating?
What does the response of “those at the table” (vv4-5) reveal about their spiritual address?
The love of Christ demands a response. The woman chose to pour out her love through a sacrificial act of humility. Jesus knew the woman’s heart and He accepted her act of worship. When we encounter Jesus, we will either choose to accept His love or reject it. Many people are indignant toward those who choose to change addresses because they are still living at the old place, unwilling to change. We are the Bride of Christ. A bride takes a new name, moves away from home, and changes addresses when she gets married. Are you married to Christ?
2. When we meet Jesus, we don’t have to live where we ‘used to’ live. We can have an entirely new outlook on life. But what about your personal encounter with Jesus? Have you moved to a new address or is the lure of this world keeping you in darkness?
If you are having a difficult time moving forward to God’s ‘new address’ for you, ask the Lord what is keeping you in darkness. In the space below (or on a separate piece of paper) name what comes to mind. Either in your heart (or literally on the sheet of paper) lay these fears, concerns, reservations at the nail-pierced feet of Jesus now. Just as He stretched out His arms for you on the cross, why not stretch out your arms to Him now in worship, surrender, and praise? Tell the Lord: “LOVE YOU, MEAN IT.”