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Last week: We can't ever get over that God loves us!!

This series: if you ask 100 people on the street, "what is a Christian?"-many answers

•A Christian is someone who believes in God

•Someone who loves, respects and cares for others

•More of a life style than a religion

Christian = Disciple

Christian = Follower

God = Love

TODAY: "insiders & outsiders"

On Thursday, we had 3 outsiders become insiders in our family.

Neighbors, people from FCC, ELC, others: pitching-in!

...many people asking, why? It's one way our family feels called to live out our Christianity! Show love to our "neighbors" Hopefully, the babies, the social workers, our neighbors, everyone - will see Jesus' love, not The Williams!

Video: "I am a Christian, this is my heart"

For us, it's foster care.....for you, ___________
Be willing to say "yes" to what God is speaking to you about...even if it's uncomfortable

The term used more often in the Bible, than Christian is disciple ... By this shall all men know that you are my disciples

-Early in Jesus' ministry on The Earth: Luke 10: 25-27 (NIV)

FCC vision: Reaching Up/Reaching Out (practically trying to live out that passage)

•Towards the end of his Jesus' ministry on The Earth: John 13:34-35 (NIV)
They probably said: "Yeah, we've heard that, love our neighbors" We remember, when you answered the religious big shots with the parable of the Good Samaritan...Jesus said, no as I have loved you. (Andy Stanley - good job of illustrating this)

SIDE NOTE: Men's Study (1st Sat. of Month) - Jesus' parables

•(Picture from home) ...follow me...imitate me...I've shown you how to love others

•Jesus set the standard: for his disciples calling it a "New Commandment" adding "like I loved you"

"Outsiders" SLIDE

Why is it that so many outsiders won’t even consider going to church, let alone join one?

Skeptical, have been hurt before, etc.

•If we want outsiders to become insiders ... We need to be willing to go to them not only ask them to come to us

•Bring the gospel to outsides by leveraging love – God’s love toward them

•They (Outsiders) already feel judged, they don’t need us to pile on. The World is a tough, mean place already.


*FreedomCares projects

We want Outsiders to become insiders so they can open their hearts to Jesus Christ why?

...Because we know he has the power to:

•Heal marriages - Change lives

•Break addictions

•Restore children and parent relationships

•Give meaning and purpose to lives

•Restore finances

•To experience freedom through the deep love of God

We have the cure!!

We need to pray for Outsiders to come in to our lives, so we can show them God's love: INSIDERS -slide

There are two major categories of Persons of Peace – some are Persons of Peace by nature, and some become Persons of Peace as a result of God’s direct intervention in their families or communities. There are numerous examples of both in the Bible.
-The Philippian jailer and the Samaritan woman at the well are examples of those who became Persons of Peace through God’s direct intervention.
-Cornelius and Lydia are representatives of the “Person of Peace by nature” category.

-People who God wants to use here at FCC! (person of peace by nature)

Pray, have your spiritual eyes open, be bold enough to invite, etc.!

**Take-Away: Expect God to bring outsiders, so we can love them as insiders


-Take groceries, pray for God to show you who to give them to!

-Have spiritual eyes open this week: outsiders who need God's love (cards/pens/invite to serve at pantry)

-Love, as Christ has loved!

-Commit today to explore the ______ that God is working on your heart about!