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God's Story - Our Story: Courageous Leadership In An Unknown Land
God's Story - Our Story is a series that will take us through the overarching narrative of the Bible. Throughout this series, we will fight against the common idea that, "I can't understand the Bible," or " I can't read the Bible for myself." Instead, we will be empowered to see the overarching purposes of redemption, love, and the glory of God, throughout the Old & New Testaments, and begin to see our story in God's story.
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  • Kearney eFree Church
    4010 7th Ave, Kearney, NE 68845, USA
    Sunday 7:00 AM
Today's sermon is being taught by Adrian Boykin, Kearney eFree Lead Pastor.

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Unwavering courage requires unwavering faith.

God’s holiness demands our wholeness!

6 Facts about the Conquest

1. These are fortress cities.
2. God desires mercy.
3. Amorite and Canaanite wickedness was unsurpassed.
4. God’s Covenant called for something different.
5. God is patient, but not forever.
6. In the Kingdom of Jesus, our response to enemies, is love & prayer.
The Question: In what area of your life has God shown you, years of patience?

LifeGroup Discussion Questions:
1. Can you give an example of someone you know who has shown real courage?
2. How did Sunday’s message instruct or inspire you? What remains confusing?

3. Read Joshua 1:1-9. Imagine that you are the one to fill Moses' shoes. How might this message from the Lord give you courage?

4. Read carefully Joshua 6:1-5,15-21. First, read it from the viewpoint of Joshua. What is his charge? What promise does God make to him? How is Adrian's explanation for the reason for the charge helpful in your understanding of this passage?

5. Read or summarize Joshua 4. Have you ever “put down stones” as a memorial to what God has done? Brainstorm creative ways you can bolster faith by remembering His intervention.

6. Reflect on this idea, “God’s holiness demands my wholeness.” Is there one area of life that you are holding back from Him? Pray for each other for God to bring about this kind of growth.

The Case For Faith, Lee Strobel, specifically chapter 4.