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FOCUS || March 11, 2018
Distractions are everywhere. A chime on your phone, a favorite song on the radio, the endless list of things we still have to accomplish today, the business deal we need to close, and the juggling of the family’s busy schedule. So many things are after our attention. What’s the point or purpose of it all? How can we find clarity and a sense of calling? The Bible encourages us to “lay aside” those distractions and “fix our eyes on Jesus.” This collection of messages will give us practical ways we can fix our focus, strengthen our faith, and live faithFULL lives. We will find clarity and a greater sense of calling by fixing our focus.
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Message Title: FOCUS ON LIMITS
There is a blessing found within the boundaries of God's Commands.
Without limits we abuse freedom, but with LIMITS we can enjoy freedom.
Sabbath is God's boundary to keep you from a breakdown.
Focus on LIMITS this week:
1. Write down one thing you need to stop doing.
2. What is one area of your life you need to submit to God?

Want to talk it over and connect this message to your everyday life? Good, us too! Change happens when we apply what learn and share it within community. Answer these questions so you can share with your Connect Group or talk it over with a personal friend.

Focus on Limits. We spend much of our lives avoiding limits and believing we can live limitless. It’s time to refocus and find some clarity around this idea of limits. This week we will find freedom as we focus on limits.

CONNECT IN CONVERSATION. Find a conversation starter for your group.
• If you could create any one law, what would it be? (serious or silly)
• What is one boundary you had/have but are grateful it was there?

CONNECT TO THE WORD. Read it and talk it out.
• Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Discuss what you observe in the passage(s).
• Why do you think God limits the blessing to those who obey?
• Why do people reject the boundary of obedience?

CONNECT WITH OTHERS. Choose questions that create openness.
• What one area of your life do you want more margin in?
• What is one point of stress in your life?
• Talk about a time when you obeyed God’s boundary and experienced blessing or freedom as a result.

CONNECT IN PRAYER. Be bold, pray for each other, and pray with power.
God, we ask for your grace to help us this week. We want to live in obedience and though your strength, not our own. May we live with limits, honoring your with each decision we make. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

CONNECT TO LIFE. Commit to a step and live it out this week
• Write down one thing you need to stop doing, creating more margin.
• What is one area of your life you need to surrender to God?
• Share the podcast of this message with a friend.