Westshore Christian Church
Ready Feet. Peace-filled Lives
Everyday an invisible war rages around you. You have an enemy who is seeking to kill, steal, and destroy. He will do whatever he can to make you futile and unproductive in your walk with Christ. He wants you suffocating in sin, insecurity, fear, and discouragement so that you cannot live freely or fully. He is crafty. He is deceitful, and he wants to take you down and take you out. But, this enemy has also already been disarmed, embarrassed, overuled, mastered, rendered powerless, and has had all of his hard work destroyed because of the victory of Christ over sin and death. Christ's victory is your victory. We are in spiritual batter. Standing in the power of God, we win. Fighting with God's weapons, infused with God's power, we overcome.
Locations & Times
  • Westshore Christian Church
    3062 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
The devil has been:
• Disarmed and embarrassed (Col. 2:13-15).
• Overruled (Eph. 1:19b-22).
• Mastered (Phil. 2:9-11).
• Rendered powerless (Heb. 2:14-15).
• And all his hard work has been destroyed (I John 3:8).

Things to Remember
1. Imputed Righteousness means you are at Peace with God.
2. Peace with God leads to the Peace of God.
3. Peace is cultivated by trust and gratitude
4. We are in this battle together—on a mission that all may know Jesus.

So What?
1. Let’s incorporate trust and gratitude in our regular prayers

2. Let’s purposely be peace bearers

3. Let’s be intentional in our Sunday morning fellowship—building one another up in love

Who is the one person God wants me to encourage this morning?