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A Conversation with Jesus: Remaining in Jesus
If you were to sit down for a meal with Jesus, what would He want to talk about? We have the answer to this question in five amazing chapters in the gospel of John. Join us at Mentor UMC this Easter Season as we have a conversation with Jesus!
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  • Mentor United Methodist Church
    8600 Mentor Ave, Mentor, OH 44060, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM


We are glad you chose to worship with us! Each week we join together to celebrate our love for Jesus Christ and find encouragement to serve Christ through intentional discipleship.

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Can you imagine?

What if all you were able to do each day was exactly what you heard Jesus tell you to do? What would you be able to do? How would you reprioritize your time to listen to Him?
Remain in Me

Coming to Jesus and receiving Him is one challenge – abiding and remaining with Him through life is another. Which challenge have you found to be the most difficult? What helps you remain in Jesus?
Apart from Me You Can Do Nothing

Jesus tells us that nothing in our life will amount to anything if He is not sourcing it. How can you live out of His resource instead of your own?
Bear Fruit/Love Each Other

We are given relationship with Jesus in order to bear fruit, to produce God’s love in the world. How are you living into that purpose today? How are you practicing His presence?

Week Four of Conversation with Jesus:

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Music this week:

- Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective)
- Open Up the Heavens (Meredith Andrews)
- King of My Heart (Steffany Gretzinger/Bethel Music)
- Good Good Father (Chris Tomlin)
- King of Glory (Third Day)

Music: Build Your Kingdom Here

Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective):

Music: Open Up the Heavens

Open Up the Heavens (Meredith Andrews):

Music: King of My Heart

King of My Heart (Steffany Gretzinger/Bethel Music):

Music: Good Good Father

Good Good Father (Chris Tomlin):

Music: King of Glory

King of Glory (Third Day):

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