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Christian Series
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VIDEO: “I am a Christian, this is my heart”-we'll come back to that thought later!

Just finished: Core Values series!

We are going to look at core value #2 because it was practical last week.

FCC Core Value #2:
People matter to God, so they matter to us. People must be treated gently and respectfully, with humility and love. (Matthew 20:26-28, Luke 10:25-37)

*Monday: Pantry. New "single mom with young daughter"!

-Slide: verse & groceries pic (we put this up on social media pages)

*Broken hearted: Broward County Florida! We're going to pray together!

Current Sermon Series "Christian"

*Adapted from small group study by Andy Stanley

*A few times a year, our Sunday series correlate with our LIFE groups study, this is good timing as we head into Easter.

-What does “Christian” really mean?

*LOTS of meanings for many different people! If you randomly ask people: Some were, but not now/some grew up that way/some say who goes to church/some say who keeps all of the rules/etc.

“I am a Christian, this is my heart.”

-We watched that video. The passage we just looked at, Paul was telling his story from his heart. During this series, I would love for some of you to share something about your or your family's journey as a Christian! Be praying about that & email me (contact info on worship guides)

Another passage we're looking at today:
Christian = Follower

*We can follow with confidence! ..Peace in Him during the trouble!

The last passage we're going to look at today, that defines Christians:
*TAKE-AWAY: *Does everyone know that you are His disciple?