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Today, we’re going to look at a little history of revenge throughout the scriptures and learn what it should look like in the Kingdom of God.
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    Sunday 10:30 AM
We all have the potential for destruction.
The sense of revenge is deep in the core of our humanity. With the nation of Israel, when the law was established between God and the people, God actually addressed this and gave them rules for how to retaliate.
The reason this limit was so important is because the rest of the world lived by the rule of escalating violence in retaliation. These people had to live in community with one another and they had to reflect the character of God to the world.
When Jesus came, He showed us a new way we are to live…it’s a way that is beyond our natural ability and it’s a way that actually has the potential to heal rather than escalate.
Jesus says if someone harms you, don’t pay them back.
Our job is not to stamp out evil in the world. It’s to point them to the One who can.
The Kingdom has a much larger vision than just my comfort and my honor…it’s about the whole world coming to know that they are loved and that God wants to fix and restore any brokenness living within them, so they can experience “fullness of life”
There are no steps to this, no process to engage in. It begins and ends with a person.

We need Jesus.