H2O Church
4 Core Commitments, part 4
This is talk 4 in this series, shifting our attention from SCRIPTURE to COMMUNITY, the 2nd of the 4 core commitments we can see in Jesus' Life. But we're not focusing on any community, but a distinctive community, that modeled by Jesus, in His discipleship of 12 men.
Locations & Times
  • H2O Church
    100 S Eola Dr, Orlando, FL 32801, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
“You can never have a Christian mind without reading the Scriptures regularly because you cannot be influenced by that which you do not know.” R. Kent Hughes
Stuff to ponder
#1—what church is he referring to here?
#2—Whose church is it?

This new community, this “church” Jesus started, began as a STRONGLY AFFIRMING COMMUNITY friends inviting friends, DOING LIFE TOGETHER which became a BIBLE-BASED COMMUNITY, re-learning everything about life, and becoming RADICALLY INCLUSIVE of outsiders, which also became a training camp for LEADERS TO EMERGE, while providing accountability for all, so that the REP, THE STREET CRED, of this thing called THE CHURCH would be EXCELLENT.

Scripture to ponder…
Our VISION for this community
1. Our vision is for a strongly affirming community.
2. Our vision is for friends inviting friends.
3. Our vision is for a Bible-based community.
4. Our vision is for Radical Inclusiveness.
5. Our vision is for Emergence of Leaders.
6. Our vision is for Grace-filled Accountability.
7. Our vision is for a united body.