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Discipleship Score: Reproducible
Pastor Bill's Sunday Morning Sermon Notes Welcome to Raleigh Road Baptist Church.
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Sermon Title: Discipleship Scorecard: Reproducible

Looking at how we measure discipleship...how we gauge spiritual maturity and growth in the Christian.

A Biblical Disciple is One Who Makes Disciples.

When the people are not reproducing (by making more disciples) it doesn't matter how good everything else is, the church becomes stagnant.

When the people see the call to make disciples who are made to make more disciples as a major priority in the church, everything else will be enhanced in the church!

2 Truths about Biblical Discipleship:

1. Discipleship without reproduction is not biblical discipleship.
2. Discipleship with reproduction is God's church growth plan.

I. Steps to Producing Biblical Discipleship that is Reproducible.

A. Repent

Bill Hull (discipleship guru) was asked what is the first step a person must take in making disciples: "They must repent for not making disciples up to this point."

B. Commit to the discipleship pathway.

v. 2 - "heard" - a rich word that teaches hearing is more than just listening

Biblically, to hear is to absorb information and obey the information.

Why Commit?

The future of RRBC rests on your commitment to make disciples.

C. Find empowerment through Jesus, relieving the burden of messing up.

v. 1 - "be strengthened" - to allow Christ to fill your limitations and weaknesses with His sufficient power

God desires you to be dependent upon Him to do His work.

D. Be okay with guarding the Gospel by giving it away.

v. 2 - "entrust" - to put a deposit somewhere that will be protected safely

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