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40 Days of Prayer (Pt. 3: Who Do You Think You're Talking To?)
Life doesn’t always go as planned. At some point, you’ll face impossible obstacles and barriers — situations that make you think there’s no way this is going to work out. But God wants to help you handle uncertainty when it comes your way. He is ready and willing to give you a breakthrough, but it doesn’t just happen spontaneously; breakthroughs happen when you seek them. And the way you seek them is through prayer. Over the next few weeks, we'll look at Scripture and show you how to experience breakthroughs in your life in the series, "40 Days of Prayer."
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  • Mason County Reformed Church
    45 S Amber Rd, Scottville, MI 49454, USA
    Sunday 9:27 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
40 Days of Prayer - Pt. 3: Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
Pastor Seth Bush
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What Keeps Us From Praying
“Your understanding of what God is really like shapes everything else in your life, including how you pray.”
-Rick Warren

Things In Life That Are Hard, But Don’t Make God Bad

Life Is Hard Because…
1. The World Is Broken
2. Of You and Me
3. Of Someone Else
4. God Is Good
Because God Is Always Good Then…

1. God’s plan for my life will always be good
(Jer. 29:11-12; Rom 8:28; Gen 50:20; Rom 5:3)
Because God Is Always Good Then…

2. God always gives me what I NEED, not what I deserve
(Psalm 103:10,12; Psalm 27:10-13; Heb. 4:15-16)
Because God Is Always Good Then…

3. God puts my good above his good
(John 10:14-15; Rom 4:25; Rom 8:32)
Because God Is Always Good Then…

4. God doesn’t say yes to every request
(Luke 11:11-13; Matthew 10:22; Isaiah 55:8-9)
Because God Is Always Good Then…

5. God invites us to live with Him for eternity
(2 Thess 2:16-17; Psalm 23:6; Psalm 119:37,39-40)

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