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4 Core Commitments
In the introductory talk in this series, we compared how the Big-C commitment of marriage only works if there are numerous little c-commitments, such as sharing emotion, giving affirmation, having a date night. In the same way, a Big-C commitment to Christ, to follow Him, will only appear authentic, if it is combined with little-c commitments, such as a commitment to scripture, which is what this talk is all about. In this talk, we’ll look at four qualities of scripture and how they shape our ability to “get” what scripture intends for us to get.
Locations & Times
  • H2O Church
    100 S Eola Dr, Orlando, FL 32801, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
#1— the DIVINE INSPIRATION of the Scriptures.
That as Moses spoke, God’s words, were being faithfully revealed to humanity.

Which requires…
#1—that Moses actually HEARD God speak,
#2— despite Moses being imperfect, despite his personality, his culture, his biases, God was able to work thru him…
#3—despite there being an immediate context, in which Moses lived (3400 years ago, with all kinds of cultural differences, euphemisms & customs), divine inspiration means it’s still God’s Word or Message.

#2—The Sufficiency of the Scriptures.
Scripture’s sufficiency means that God’s word is ENOUGH to accomplish God’s purpose for which it was given, not our purpose, not what we want to get out of the Bible, what God intends for us.

#3—The Clarity of the Scriptures
The point is: the central message of the Bible—God’s love for a fallen world and His offering up His Son on the Cross that we can enter into a living, life-changing relationship with God— is clear and understandable, AND that the main points of the Bible CAN be properly interpreted.

The Bible is shallow enough for a mouse to walk through, but deep enough for an elephant to swim in.
#4—The Jesus-Centricity of the Scriptures
That is, the center, the focus, the interpretive lens through which we can rightly understand scripture, is the Person and work of Jesus Christ.
1. John shared that scripture is shallow enough for a mouse to wade through, and deep enough for a mouse to swim in. Which do you relate to more, with regards to your knowledge of scripture; a mouse or an elephant? (Yes, you can make up animals in between:)
2. With the imagery of scripture being our food, how gaunt or well fed would you say you are? How often would you say that you eat “the food” of scripture?
3. What questions that you have were answered in this talk? What was the most helpful to you?
4. How do we, as individuals, need to change our lives in order to create a new rhythm that includes scripture (Remember the LA Fitness illustration)
5. How can we as a small group help other in knowing scripture?
6. Memorize Matthew 4:4.