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A. What is the path to spiritual maturity?
1. Spiritual maturity is developed by obediently following God’s Word.
2. Spiritual maturity is developed by being in relationships.
3. Spiritual maturity is developed by putting into practice the Word of God on a regular basis.
4. Spiritual maturity is developed as we share the Light of Christ with others!
“The intensive research (LifeWay Research) revealed eight attributes of discipleship that consistently show up in the lives of believers who are progressing in spiritual maturity:
1. Bible engagement – Gather/Grow
2. Obeying God and denying self – Gather/Grow
3. Serving God and others – Gather/Give
4. Sharing Christ - Go
5. Exercising faith – Give/Grow
6. Seeking God – Gather/Grow
7. Building relationships – Gather/Go
8. Unashamed to share my faith. – Go”
B. Each of us, who has received Christ, has a testimony…
1. Once we were dead in our sin, but now we are alive in Christ.
2. Once we had no hope, but now we have hope!
3. Once we had no purpose, but now we have a rich and full life.
4. Once we had no promise, but now we have a promise of heaven and eternal life!
C. Jesus calls us to "Go" but...
1. Most Christians believe it is our responsibility to “Go!”
“The study conducted by LifeWay Research found 80 percent of those who attend church one or more times a month, believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith…”
2. But, unfortunately many do not!
“…but 61 percent have not told another person about how to become a Christian in the previous six months.”
3. Many Christians know they need to share their faith.
“Despite a vast majority believing it's their duty to share their faith and having the confidence to do so, 25 percent say they have shared their faith once or twice, and 14 percent have shared three or more times over the last six months.”
4. Many Christians are not even looking or praying for opportunities to share their faith.
“In the study, 21 percent of churchgoers say that outside of church worship services they pray every day for people they know who are not professing Christians. Twenty-six percent say they pray a few times a week. One-fifth (20 percent) say they rarely or never pray for the spiritual status of others.”
D. Our testimony just might make the difference…
1. The man wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus knew his story was best used in sharing with those in his immediate world.
2. The man wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus knew that life change is the greatest testimony that anyone can have.
3. The man wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus knew that when you share with those closest to you, and they see your “before and after,” nothing speaks louder.
4. The man wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus knew his powerful transformation would transform a difficult area. When Jesus came back, there were large crowds gathered. (Mark 15:30). The area of Decapolis later became a hub of early Christianity…where creeds, translations, and decisions were made that affect us all!
1. God may be calling you to “Go” to your own family and friends. Make sure you live the life in front of them…that they may see Jesus!
2. God may be calling you to reach those in your workplace or another area.
3. God may be calling you to a short-term or long-term mission trip to share Jesus with others.
4. God is calling you to “Go!” Don’t miss the opportunity to be Jesus to your world and to let them see Jesus in you!
“Don’t stay until God tell you to go…Go until God tells you to stay!”
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