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Happily Ever After? Stressor #5: Sex
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God’s Design of Sexual Intimacy

· Yes, God designed sex

· It was designed for oneness (Genesis 2:24, Genesis 2:25)

· It was designed for pleasure (Proverb 5:19, Song of Solomon 5:16)

· It was designed to make babies

The Importance of a Healthy Sex Life to Marriage

· It nurtures oneness

· It is a way you serve your spouse

· It helps to keep you from temptation

· It is a piece of your marriage that should grow, mature and become richer just like the rest of your marriage relationship

The Extreme Danger of Compromise in this Area

· Our culture has distorted the beauty of sexual intimacy, of becoming one flesh, to a simple, selfish biological act

· Sexual sin has higher consequence to our soul than other sin

· To those of you not married - the greatest gift you give your future mate is the treasure of unique oneness with them

· Singleness gives you greater freedom in most areas of your life, but it does restrict you in the area of sex, because sex was designed for oneness in marriage

· In marriage you are restricted to focusing your sexual energy on serving your spouse and their needs

Experiencing Forgiveness and Freedom

· You can’t change yesterday, but you need to deal with it

· Stand in your identity in Jesus

· Talk with your spouse – communicate

· Work to make this area of marriage special, a growing part of your relationship – be intentional

· For those who are single, set appropriate guardrails in your life to protect yourself