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Series: FCC core values

FCC Vision: Reaching UP | Reaching OUT

FCC Core Value #1: The goal of our ministries is for God to transform people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
• We should ____GO_____ because of what it will do for God’s ____KINGDOM_______

• We should ____GO______ because of what it will do for ___OTHERS____

• We should ___GO_______because of what it will do for __US_____

-6:33 Prayer slide: PRAYER -a core practice of believers! Every other week, will start with a 4 week study on prayer at our prayer meetings!
FCC Core Value #2: People matter to God, so they matter to us. People must be treated gently and respectfully, with humility and love.
• People ___MATTER________ to God...So, people ____MATTER______ to me

• Keep my “spiritual” eyes ____OPEN______

Seize the ____day / now / opportunity_____________

A. Take action. Don’t wait.
Sometimes we wait for someone else to do it because we think that others can do a better job. Often nobody does it unless you do it.

B. Get down to the person’s level
The Samaritan had to do the work of a servant to a Jewish man. hatred / racism

C. Be willing to take the risk
Sometimes getting involved with the other person’s pain and brokenness reminds us of our own. we must take risks if we want to help others.