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Introduction to Nehemiah
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Introduction to Nehemiah
Nehemiah 1:1-11

This book is about...

1.God—reigns supremely and is always at work.
2. A Nation—who lost its way through rebellion and sin, paid the price.
3. A man—who was willing to follow what God had put on his heart to attempt to restore the people he loved to a right relationship with God, even at great risk.
4. A story—Israel’s history shows us that the good efforts of people often lead to disappointing results, while discouraging, they rightly remind us salvation and restoration rests solely on the gracious work of God through Jesus.

Ezra-Nehemiah Stages

Ezra 1-6: Zerubbabel leads the first wave of exiles back from Babylon.
Ezra 7-10: Ezra attempts a spiritual revival among the returned exiles.
Nehemiah 1-7: Nehemiah leads the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls.

Ezra-Nehemiah Resulting Actions

Nehemiah 8-10: Ezra and Nehemiah stage a revival in Jerusalem.
Nehemiah 11-13: The revival spirit fades and ends with Nehemiah’s disappointment and frustration.

In all situations be determined to pray and obey.

Lessons from Nehemiah’s Prayer

- We must see God as our hope and pray. (v. 1-4)
- We must have confidence in the character of God. (v. 5)
- Be honest about sin, even our own. (v. 6-7)
- Rely on God’s promises for hope. (v. 8-10)
- Be willing to take personal action in obedience. (v. 11)