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Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, FL. Pastor's notes for Wednesday Service January 10, 2018. Service with Senior Pastor Carl Stephens.
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What is a Balanced View of Women in Ministry?

Men and women are virtually equal in ultimate leadership potential, but they are not equal in ultimate responsibility in God’s structure of authority.

1. to walk in such love and understanding as to produce the release of women into whatever office or ministry to which the Spirit of God brings them; and

2. to walk in such love and wisdom as to induce the submission of women to the oversight of their authority, including direction, instruction and correction.
1. there is no excuse for indulging the desire to seize man’s role, and

2. there is no emancipation from man’s ultimate authority with reference to the woman.
An examination of the verbs employed does argue for a submissive woman and for one with a quiet and restful spirit. But the word “hesuchia” which occurs twice in 1 Tim. 2:11,12 simply does not mean “silent.”

In verse 2 of the same passage believers are urged to lead a quiet and peaceable life.
The idea is clearly one of contented stillness of spirit, undisturbed by strife and discord. In this spirit, the woman is not to “usurp authority”—not to be domineering.

Now in the Corinthian passage the same concept is being conveyed. A different verb “sigao” is used for “be silent.”

The idea is one of quietness, of tongue control. It is not an absolute issued to forbid speech, but a directive to control it.

1. Silence—a peaceful self-controlled spirit that results in restful and controlled “By the Spirit” speech. Interesting “Silence” is also required of men in the same chapter. Verse 28 is the same word for “Silence” in Verses 34-35.

2. Submission—whether man or woman, a proper relationship with those in authority is essential to ministry. There is not an admonition to women only.

3. A student—a wife who is willing to be taught by her husband, receiving guidance and guardianship from him, is qualified for public ministry. Women who are seeking instruction in inappropriate times, places, and attitudes are not ready for public ministry—neither are their male counterparts.

1. How would we know the evangelist Philip had four daughters that prophesied (Acts 21:9)?

2. How shall we correct Priscilla at this late date for her Holy Spirit-recorded share in Apollo’s introduction to a more complete understanding of God’s way (Acts 18:26)?

3. What shall we do after the corrective teaching of 1 Cor. 11:1-12 has been applied to women who prophesy or pray? Having set them in biblical order,shall we then tell them it was only a technicality anyway, since they were not allowed to speak?
“Virtuous” is a wondrously inclusive term, embracing strength, resourcefulness, character, and wealth.
“Considers” contains a touch of shrewdness or scheming. In good Middle Eastern fashion, she bargains before she buys.
Her excellence contributed to her husband’s reputation. The “gate” was the center of political and judicial life in the Israelite cities.
This is a description of a woman who has a lot of ability and uses every bit of it in ways that serve others and surely satisfy her.

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