Press: Running to Win
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Have you ever faced something so big that it seemed impossible to overcome?

· Maybe it was a negative diagnosis
· The death of a loved one
· A business failure
· A divorce
· A mountain of financial debt
· A failed college course

It’s important to put our problems in the proper perspective.
Dear Mom and Dad,
It has now been three months since I left for college. I am sorry for my thoughtlessness in not having written before. I will bring you up to date but before you read on you had better sit down. Okay?

I am getting along pretty well now. The skull fracture and concussion I got when I jumped out of my apartment window when it caught fire after my arrival here is pretty well healed. I only spent two weeks in the hospital and now I can see almost normally and only get these sick headaches once a day.

Fortunately, the fire and my jump were witnessed by Roger an attendant at the gas station, and he was the one who called the fire department. He also visited me in the hospital, and since I had nowhere to live he was kind enough to invite me to share his apartment with him. He is a very fine man, and we are planning to get married. We haven't set the date yet, but it will be before my pregnancy begins to show.

Now that I have brought you up to date I want to tell you that there was no fire, I did not have a concussion or skull fracture, I was not in the hospital, I am not pregnant and I’m not engaged to a guy named Roger.

However, I am getting a "D" in Art and an "F" in Biology and I wanted you to see these marks in the proper perspective.

Your loving daughter,
Most of us have come to a place in our lives where we asked the following question, “How do I move forward?” How do I move forward after my loss, my diagnosis, my failure, my divorce?
Let me put this scripture in its proper context. Paul has been talking about how pursuing Christ is the ultimate goal of every believer and how things try to distract us from what’s most important.
In order to run a race well the runner must:

1. Prepare for it, train for it, eat well, and sleep well

2. The runner must keep their eyes on the prize. Every runner knows the most important rule in racing is, “Don’t look back.”

3. A winner’s mindset is to endure no matter what obstacles you encounter along the way. A runner that is committed to finish before they ever start the race.
When Paul uses the word “press” it actually reveals what a runner does at the end of the race. He or she, leans forward and reaches out to win.
When we get to that point in the race Paul encourages us to PRESS! Focus in, lean in and reach toward Jesus with everything you have.
The first point is clear and simple, what we’re focused on is what we’re pressing toward.

Paul reveals that our focus is Christ. Anything that moves our focus from God is an added weight that will slow us down and distract our focus.
Let me ask you a couple of questions:

1. What would you say slowed you down in your pursuit of Christ in 2017?
2. What continues to trip you up in your personal pursuit of Him?
Two perspectives

1. Things are so good

2. Things are so bad

Both good things and bad things can distract us from Jesus.
Paul is letting us in on a big revelation of his, Knowing Jesus is the real win or the real prize.

Something revolutionary began to occur in my life. I began aligning my thoughts and decisions with God’s principles and actually acting on them.

The prize that Paul is referring to is Jesus. It is knowing Him. Not just being acquainted or aware of Him but knowing Him on an intimate and personal level.
Philippians 3:10-11 [AMP]
10 [For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly], and that I may in that same way come to know the power outflowing from His resurrection [which it exerts over believers], and that I may so share His sufferings as to be continually transformed [in spirit into His likeness even] to His death, [in the hope]
11 That if possible I may attain to the [spiritual and moral] resurrection [that lifts me] out from among the dead [even while in the body].
Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ takes focus. To be honest, it takes work, discipline and a willingness to make God’s Word the guiding force in all of your decision making.
Is it something from your past that causes you to believe that God couldn’t love you?

Is it something you know God has been asking you to trust Him with?

Is it a reoccurring issue that you haven’t been able to break?

Whatever it is, I want you to think about giving it to God. He can handle it, He can heal it once and for all if you will just give it to Him.
This is your year to grow closer to God by growing close to His Son Jesus Christ.

Do you desire to develop that kind of relationship with Jesus this year? If you do, it’s time to press in.