First Baptist Church Wiggins, FBC, 39577
State of the Church 2018
Commit today to being discipled and making disciples.
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  • First Baptist Church Wiggins
    219 2nd St N, Wiggins, MS 39577, United States
    Sunday 8:15 AM
Where are we now?
- The church is strong and growing… that I am beyond optimistic about what lies ahead.
- The vision that the Lord has given us for 2018 is all about discipleship, discipleship, discipleship…
I. Jesus trained (discipled) men and women for the Kingdom of heaven.

At first they had not understood.
- They were supposed to be the ones who had ears but they were not able to keep up.
- By the time Jesus explained the parable of the weeds and told the last three parables, they got it.

The word “trained” is literally translated, “made a disciple of.”

They had been disciplined to know the kingdom of heaven.
- They were becoming masters and teachers of the word and were going to be able to guide others.
This is what we want to see happen at FBC in 2018.

We want to see our people become trained…
- We want to see them become masters and able teachers of the word.

One thing that holds us back from seeing even greater things accomplished is this… our people are not trained.
- Discipleship has been placed on the back burner in our denomination.
- Most of the problems that we have as a denomination and as a church
have their root in the fact that we have a lot of good people who are simply undiscipled… untrained.

II. The trained men and women (disciples) trained (discipled) others by bringing out the old and new treasures of the scriptures. 52B

The Parable of the sower
- He was teaching them the dynamics of evangelism and discipleship.
- Sometimes the seed falls on fertile soil… sometimes it falls on rocky ground.
- We are not responsible for the harvest… we are just responsible to sow the seed.

The Parable of the weeds
- He was teaching about how the enemy is always there to counter our efforts at planting.
- He tells how in the end the Father will execute His justice on the enemy and “the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of the Father.”

The Parables of the mustard seed, the leaven, the hidden treasure, the pearl of great value and the net.
- He is telling about the kingdom of God… things that are to come… things that the disciples have not seen, but are to come to pass and that relate also to the things that have been transpiring for thousands of years.
- Jesus is training his disciples to be men and women with the ability to bring out all the treasures of God. Old and New.
To lead the world to invest their lives in the future of His kingdom.
I hope this is what I do week in and week out for you… bring out the treasures of the Kingdom of God… new and old.

The treasures that I have uncovered… treasures that relate to what God has done in the past… treasures that relate to what God is doing now and in the future.
- I can do this because I have been trained.
- I have had men and women who have invested in me to see to it that I be made a master (albeit not necessarily the best master).
- Now I can invest in you.
Our plans for 2018

- Man church
- Leadership conference
- New Discipleship ministry

Take whatever step they need to take in order to commit to growth in 2018

Receive the training and to commit to training one another.