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Responding to the King - May 15 | Downtown
Join His Family
Locations & Times
  • Christ Community - Downtown Campus
    208 W 19th St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA
    Friday 3:00 AM
May's Featured Artist | Kenn Ball
This month, we are pleased to display the work of artist Kenn Ball, a 2016 BFA candidate at the Kansas City Art Institute. Kenn grew up in south St. Louis, Missouri, with his great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother. His work explores memory, identity, and family relationships.
Kid Connect
We are convinced that intergenerational worship is important for the spiritual formation of children. Children are welcome in any worship service. We provide “Kid Connect” bags with notes and activities to help children follow along with the sermon.

See a Children’s Ministries volunteer if you’d like to grab a bag.
8th Annual Golf Event | August 13
Save the Date! Join us at Deer Creek Golf Club with our friends from Christian Fellowship Baptist for our annual church-wide Christ Community golf tournament Saturday, August 13. Shotgun start at 7:30am. Players of all skill levels are invited and encouraged to play.

Find out more at
Sermon Notes | May 15, 2016
Title: Join His Family
Speaker: Michael Roop,

>> Is Jesus worth following?
>> Follow your careless words.

ICEBREAKER: Tell us about a time you won an argument? What did you do? How did it feel?
LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: On Sunday, Mike suggested that listening closely to our “careless words” (those things we utter without thinking) can give us a window into the true condition of our hearts. What do your “careless words” say about your heart?
READ THE TEXT: Matthew 12:22-50.
EXPLORING OUR CONCERNS: Is there a particular teaching of Jesus that’s difficult for you to accept? What makes it difficult? If you had a chance to talk to Jesus about your concern, what would you say?
ENGAGING DISAPPOINTMENT: Have you ever been hurt by someone’s careless words? How did it make you feel? How does that motivate you to choose your words with care?
DEEPENING RELATIONSHIP: Jesus says that His true family isn’t made up of his biological relatives, but of those who do the will of His Father. Have you experienced our church as a spiritual family? How or how not?


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