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This is the time of year when the news networks do their Year in Review segments. They make their lists of top news stories of 2017, as well as their list of notable deaths of celebrities. So we are all in the mode of remembering right now. In our church, we celebrate the Lord's supper every quarter. Or maybe it's communion. Or something else. What do we call this observance anyway?
1. Eucharist from Greek eu (good) and charis (gift)

The New Testament uses the word eucharisto 41 times, translated as "give thanks;" "thank;" "be thankful."

Eucharist helps us remember the sacrifice.
2. Communion (Greek koinonia; or fellowship)

The New Testament uses this word 20 times: fellowship (12x), communion (4x), communication (1x), distribution (1x), contribution (1x), to communicate (1x).

"Communion" helps us remember each other.
3. "Lord's Supper"
This phrase is used only one time in Scripture: 1 Cor. 11:20. However, it is the one used most frequently in Baptist churches today.

"Lord's Supper" helps us remember His authority.
What does it mean to eat in an "unworthy manner"?

1. When we cause division (vs. 18-19, 22)
2. When we gratify self (vs. 21)
3. When we forget what Christ did (vs. 23-25).
4. When we don’t proclaim His death (vs. 26).
5. When we don’t self-examine (vs. 28).
6. When we don’t honor the body of Christ (vs. 29).

Wes McAdams: "Should You Take the Lord's Supper if You Feel Unworthy"

While I don't agree with everything this particular blogger has to say, this article was helpful in putting together this sermon.
Join us as we read through the Bible together in 2018! Click the link below for the Chronological Reading Plan Pastor James is using in the Sunday evening worship services.
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