First Baptist Church Wiggins, FBC, 39577
The Adoration of Advent
Be wise men and women who adore Christ.
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  • First Baptist Church Wiggins
    219 2nd St N, Wiggins, MS 39577, United States
    Sunday 5:00 AM
I. Wise men seek the Savior to adore; Wise guys are threatened by the Savior. 1-4

False history about the wise men:
1. They were not kings- they were magi… they were experts in philosophy and physics and astronomy.
2. There were not necessarily 3 of them.
3. They did not come to the manger. They arrive sometime after Jesus’ birth and after the holy family had settled into a house in Bethlehem.

There are two kinds of people in the world. Wise men and women… and wise guys.

Be wise. Don’t be a wise-guy.
- A wise person acknowledges and rejoices in the truth.
- A wise-guy is troubled by the truth.
- A wise person seeks a savior to worship.
- A wise-guy lies and schemes and manipulates to save himself.
- A wise person bows down before the judge of all the earth.
- A wise-guy wrestle’s against the authority of the judge, he attempts to bribe. He attacks the character of the judge. He does all in his power to loose himself from divine authority.

Your only hope is to have bowed down before Jesus and acknowledged him as your Lord…. Asked for his forgiveness… and committed your life to obedience to Him.

So… will you be found wise, like the wise men… or will you be exposed as a wise-guy, like Herod
II. Wise men study to know the truth; Wise guys study to subvert the truth.

The wise men were from the far east. They were far away from Jewish influence. But they were so driven to find the truth… that they studied what must have been to them the most obscure manuscripts…
They searched the stars… it was truth that they sought. And they had found it. And they had come from afar to see the Truth wrapped in flesh in Bethlehem.

The wise-guy Herod THOUGHT he had it figured out.
- He would assemble all the priests and scribes and question the wise men to get the truth.
Then He would come up with a way to subvert the truth.

He just lent more credence to the argument that he was not the rightful king.
Now the priests and the scribes would be armed with chapter and verse that proves Herod is not the king of the Jews.

There are many who study the scriptures not to know the truth but to subvert the truth. These wise-guys always lose.

We have the truth on our side. We just have to study to know it.
III. Wise men get the joy of seeing Jesus. 9-12

The wise men were absolutely thrilled!
- “they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy…” they fell down and worshipped”

It was the culmination of the great journey… There he was in the flesh… the King of the Jews of whom the prophecy had spoken.

He would be the Great Shepherd of Israel.
- The way, the truth, and the life.
The salvation of all who would believe.
- They laid their treasures down at the feet of the King.

Wise people who seek the Lord, will get the pleasure of seeing the Lord.
They will by his strength and blessing be able to collect treasures and crowns.
And when the long journey has ended, they will see Him in all of His glory.

The wise-guys will be judged… they will be cut off. Like Herod was exposed as a fraud to the wise men in a dream… the wise-guys of our age will be exposed and denied an audience with the king.
- The evil intentions of their heart and their sin will go before them.
- They will spend eternity separated from Him.
Wise people keep seeking Him
- Grow in your knowledge and adoration of King Jesus.

Wise-guys, repent before it is too late.
- Bow down. Worship and adore Him.

Do not continue on the path of destruction.
- Your scheming… your lying… your fraudulent heart will be exposed
- I can think of no greater tragedy than for you to miss seeing your savior… God in the flesh.