Waypoints Faith Community
Worship Gathering 12/15/17 and 12/19/17
Luke 2:8-20
Locations & Times
  • Waypoints Faith Community
    614 8th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631, USA
    Friday 6:00 PM, Tuesday 6:00 PM
  • Waypoints Faith Community Online
    Friday 6:00 PM, Tuesday 6:00 PM
A new candle is lit each week symbolizing the ____________ of God coming into the world through the birth of Jesus.

The third candle is the “____________ Candle.” The theme is ____________.
The Mishnah is the ____________ Law, as opposed to the ____________ law the Torah.

Animal ____________, throughout the Old Testament, atoned for sins.

All sacrificial animals had to be ____________ without a blemish
God promises that the announcement of the Messiah would be at "____________ __________.”

The shepherds in the field are not lowly shepherds, but ____________ shepherds.

As soon as a lamb was born, it was wrapped with strips of ____________ made from old priestly undergarments.

“The sign” was the baby wrapped in old priestly garments and laid in a manger, just like the ____________ lambs.

It is highly probable that the first clothes that Jesus wore were the clothes of a ____________.
These shepherds are told first because it’s their holy calling to certify Passover lambs upon ____________.

They go around telling everyone everything they ____________ and ____________.

These priestly shepherds would put a bronze ____________ of the family on the newborn lamb.


“Y’Shua HaNatzri V’Melech HaYehudim.” ____________

Pilate wrote the Holy ____________ of God upon God's ____________!

Pilate announced to the whole world that Jesus was ____________.

Jews: ”God, see ____________ name. This lamb is for our family."
God: “Humanity, see ____________ name. This Passover Lamb is for all of you.”

Jesus will get rid of sin, get rid of death, reunite us with God and that is the greatest source of ____________!

Group Discussion
How does this change your understanding of the shepherds?
How does this add to your joy of Christmas?