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Submitting to Tomorrow
Book of Joshua
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Submit to God’s timing, even when it crowds your comfort zone
Submit to God’s concern for others, even if it means delaying your own schedule
Submit to God’s ultimate priority - worship
Free us from practicing sin
Free us from smallness of soul, and
Free us from a Lone Ranger kind of independence that places “me” at the center and as the single-handed controller of everything.
Jesus proved on the cross and with His very life that the PATH DOWN (submitting) is the WAY UP (receiving authority). He proved that the level of your SUBMISSION determines the level of your ANOINTING!
True submission can never be forced because, at its core, submission is an inner attitude – a heart issue.
It can never be required; it can only be volunteered, given as a willing gift. Only I can choose whether or not I will submit.
Mother Teresa – We are pencils in the hand of a writing God – sending love letters to the world.
For further discussion:

1. In Joshua 3:5 the children of Israel were instructed to “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” What do you believe God expects when He says "Consecrate yourselves"? How might we apply that at Hope Church as we are looking for the Lord to do amazing things among us?

2. Pastor Mike shared that one of the greatest enemies of our Tomorrows is our comfort with Today. What can you do personally to avoid spiritual complacency?

3. Becoming a person who possesses tomorrow, who learns to truly follow Christ in obedience, means learning to submit to His timing. Have you ever felt that the Lord has your life in a holding pattern? How can you encourage others who may be experiencing the same type of season in their lives?

4. Submission involves "in honor preferring one another." Submission to God’s order is not designed to rank people above others. His design is such that all interests are served and all come to know victory. What are some practical ways that we can practice true Biblical submission within the context of our family, our workplace, our church?

5. Mother Teresa wrote "We are pencils in the hand of a writing God – sending love letters to the world." What message do you believe the world is hearing from the church at this moment? How can we better communicate the love of God? (Hint, the message is on submission)

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