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Out of Yesterday's Shadows
Book of Joshua
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
When in a Transition:
Let go of the Past
Recognize the Known
Embrace the Unknown in order to take hole of God's tomorrow
Hebrew terms "chazaq" (Be strong) – to fasten upon or to seize and "amats" (Be courageous) – to be alert, established
There was an inheritance to possess
There is always a temptation to turn away from the challenge
There is always fear that can cause us to forget both God’s promise and His presence.
Lay hold of His Patterns for Life
He is the One who gives the promise
He is the One who gives us the power to live in His patterns, principles and pathways
He is the One whose presence will be with us every step of the way into tomorrow.
Discussion Questions:

1. Our past explains us but it does not define us. Why is it that the past has such a strong hold on our tomorrows?

2. How must we deal with the past in order to break free from its grip?

3. Has the Lord spoken a promise into your life? If so, how are you seeing it fulfilled. If not, what Scripture promise are you relying on in the present?

4. God's ways lead to life. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal patterns in your life that may be outside of God's will for you. Dedicate time this week to study the Sermon on the Mount and see if you are living in God's patterns or the patterns of the world.

5. Let Exodus 33:15 be your prayer this week. "God, I want your presence to be evident in my life." Don't settle for less!

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