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What's Up With All the Repetition, Repetition, Repetition ...?
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Have you noticed that time and again the story in the book of Acts seems to repeat itself? There is a good reason for that.
Paul, Silas and Timothy journey west. They pass through Amphipolis, Apollonnia and stop in Thessalonica. In Thessalonica they find a synagogue (a meeting place for worship and assembly). Paul meets with them for 3 Sabbaths and dialogues with them from the Old Testament Scriptures that JESUS is the CHRIST.
The Kingdom continues to grow!
Along with bold proclamation comes persecution.
Why do we need to hear the Gospel again and again? Because once or twice or three times … or even hundreds of times is not enough.
The more you hear … the more you believe
The more you believe … the more the Gospel will have a lasting effect on your life.

The more your life will be a blessing to others.

Chris Rice

Tell Me the Story Again