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Naming Christmas - Part 1
Question: How do you do Christmas?? We've entered what I believe IS a "wonderful time of the year." But for many, it can get exhausting, disappointing, or even depressing. At the very least, there can be missed opportunity for God to give fresh visions of ultimate truth that holds his promise of absolute love and fullness of life. Much depends on how we see this season, how we NAME it. That's our focus this Sunday from a lesser known story in the events of God becoming one of us. And the "naming" goes way beyond how we do Christmas. It's How do we do LIFE?
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About Centennial Covenant Church
We are a growing congregation of friendly people seeking to be Christ-centered and people-caring. Together we take seriously...
- The Bible as God's powerful and relevant truth
- Jesus Christ as the way to hope and life
- Building up people (not just programs and properties) as the heart of mission
- And a freedom not to take ourselves too seriously, but to laugh, be honest, and "agree to disagree" on non-essential matters in a spirit of humility and love.

We take to heart what Jesus said: "I have called you friends" (John 15:10). Knowing the gift of a relationship with God and then letting Him build relationships with each other is finally what matters most in life.

Our mission isTo glorify God by following Jesus
on a shared journey of transformation
in His mission to our broken world
Luke 1
Zechariah and Elizabeth – Two celebrations

· Big job for God DISRUPTED by promise (5-23)

· Surprise baby NAMED according to promise, for RELEASE of contagious joy (57-66)
How do we do Christmas?

1. THROW OUT“secular”?

2. PARALLEL celebrations:
“religious” and “secular”?

3. Or NAME as “God-with-us”?


· Santa: tell whole story; let him bow to Jesus

· Gifts: build bonds; step out
How do we do life?

1. Name as “ALL-WITH- Jesus”

· work
· relationships
· disruptions

2. Set aside time in his Presence

· taking in his WORD
· with encouraging COMPANIONS
· stepping out with active LOVE

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