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Possessing Your Tomorrows
Book of Joshua
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Joshua is a Book about Warfare
God’s promised blessings do not merely tumble into our laps like overripe fruit! There is an expectation of battle of spiritual battle if we possess all that God intends for us.
2. Joshua is a Book revealing God’s desire to show us more of Himself and His Creative Nature
Though we are to expect new revelation of who God is, somethings do not change.

· He who creates is able to deliver
· He who appoints His purpose in you is able to accomplish it through you.
· He who has given promise will enable its possession.
3. Joshua is a Book about Growth, Conquest and Victory!
God calls us to a life of constantly stretched faith!
He wants to enlarge the boundaries of our vision and remind us that we are a people of high destiny.
Discussion Questions:
1. What is your first thought when you think about tomorrow? Is it filled with hope, or filled with anxiety?
2. Our God is going before us preparing the way for us to fulfill His highest purpose in us. The one who created us and placed gifts and dreams in our lives is for us and not against us. Knowing this, how can this be reflected in your prayer life?
3. Joshua is a Book of Warfare – what weapons has the Lord given us to do battle with? (read Ephesians 6, 2 Corinthians 6 & 10) Is there one weapon that you rely mostly upon? If so, how do you strengthen the others in your life?
4. Joshua is a book revealing God’s desire to show us more of Himself and His Creative Nature – Remind yourself or share with your group how the Lord has worked in your life in the past. As you approach your present challenges and opportunities, how might your prayers change knowing that God is a creative God?
5. Joshua is a book about growth, conquest and victory!- In a moment of sober judgment, ask yourself, “Am I growing in my experiential knowledge of God?”
6. If God were to write a new song for your life, what would you want the lyrics to say?

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