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Look around. This world is a mess: tragedies, injustice, pain and suffering, greed, lovelessness, hopelessness, brokenness. How is it possible to be joyful, happy or thankful in the midst of all this? Part of the answer relates to our focus. This week we begin a new two-week series titled "Thx," which will help us see that it's possible to be thankful if we are looking in the right places.
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Grateful, Overcome, Fullness, No Longer Slaves Chestnut Mountain Ranch is a local home and school which offers hope and healing for boys who are in crisis. Change the Course jars can be filled with coins to help make a difference in a child’s life. Jars can be picked up TODAY (or you can recycle any jar from home!), and returned in December. There’s more about it at Middle schoolers [6th–8th grade] are invited to an epic evening of dodgeball, 9-square in the air, and other super-fun games! Bring your friends! There’s info at Facing the holidays after a separation or divorce can be difficult. If you’re wondering how you’ll get through the emotions, social activities and experiences, there is hope to be found. Save the date, and visit for more information. Meets Mondays, 6:30–8:30 pm—Celebrate Recovery is a place to share the struggles and victories of your hurts, habits, or hang-ups. For more information, visit CR is open to the public, and childcare is available. Singles of all ages are invited to the Merry and Bright Singles Christmas Bash! There will be great food, a lot of fun, and live music by Blended Reality Band, a local country-pop trio. Dress is festive with prizes for the merriest, and tickets are just $5. Find more info at New here? Been coming for a while and looking to connect, grow or make a difference around The Ridge? Next is the place for you to hear a short overview about the church, ask any questions you might have, and determine your next step—whatever it might be. Next will be held in the conference room off the lobby after each service. Find more info at Dec 3—Stop by the Hub for a FREE lunch next Sunday after the 11am service. If you’re a college-aged student—in college, grad school, working or somewhere in between—you are invited to connect with CRC Campus. December 15, 5pm (optional dinner) 6:30 (showtime!) Jingle Jam is a high-energy, fun-filled, live-action, theatrical Christmas show and night out for kids and families to attend together! The show will be held in the auditorium this year, and there’s an optional dinner available, too! Visit for all the info.

Thx - Part 2 [November 26, 2017] Tim Haring

Fix your focus on the future, not the past.
Fix your focus on the heavenly, not the earthly.
Focus on the good, not the bad.

Let’s take a little test here. Do you tend to…
A. Focus on the positive
B. Focus on the negative
Do you tend to…
A. Focus on what’s working well
B. Focus on what’s wrong
Do you tend to…
A. Focus on what’s true about yourself and others
B. Believe lies about yourself and others
When something doesn’t go as planned, do you tend to...
A. Focus on the realistic scenario
B. Focus on the worst case scenario
Last week:
Fix our focus on Christ, not our circumstances
This week:
Focus on the future, not the past
Focus on the heavenly, not the earthly
…the colonists, in return for their displacement, were treated as if their land were part of Italian soil. So the residents were citizens of Rome, their “mother city,” and enjoyed the full rights of Roman citizenship, including exemption from taxes..[1] - Lightner

[1] Lightner, R. P. (1985). Philippians. In J. F. Walvoord & R. B. Zuck (Eds.), The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures (Vol. 2, pp. 646–648). Wheaton, IL: Victor Books.
Focus on the good, not the bad

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