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Culture Shifts | November 12, 2017
Culture can shape us or we can participate in shaping culture. God desires to reveal to us the Kingdom of God - the fullness of His goodness. How do we become a current of God’s goodness within the streams of culture? How do we interact in a culture where the subject of God is increasingly thought of as irrelevant? In this teaching series, we will learn to insulate our heart with His presence so our lives don’t become isolated in places of culture. We will expose fear and find freedom, so that the fruit of our lives is good. As believers, we want to interact and influence our culture in ways that impart God’s goodness. We want to actively bring the Kingdom of God to earth.
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We want to bring faith to life by helping people belong through connection, become disciples, and build the Kingdom of God. No matter where you are at in your faith journey - familiar with faith, far from faith, or fallen from faith - we want you to know you belong here!

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Message Title: Substance + Source
Heaven's ambassadors turn minimalistic realities into maximized possibilities on behalf of the King.

There is a group for you!


These questions are designed to help you apply the teaching to your life.
Each Connect Group uses these questions as a guide for the conversation and study within each meeting.
Find a group and add to the conversation -

(1) Would you rather spend the day by a stream in the mountains or on the beach near the ocean?

(2) Have you ever been to a waterfall? If so, share the experience with your group.

(3) Read 2 Corinthians 5:20. According to this verse, we are Ambassadors of Heaven. During this series, we have been defining the Kingdom of Heaven as the fullness of God’s goodness. What do you think it means to be an Ambassador of Heaven, representing the fullness of the Kingdom of God?

(4) In the movie “Finding Nemo,” Bruce the shark reminds us that, “Fish are friends, not food.” Jesus told us that He wants us to be “Fishers of men.” God has uniquely created and intentionally placed each of us into a stream of culture. What is one practical way you can represent Jesus in that context?

(5) What does “minimalistic thinking” look like in our culture? Describe it.

(6) When we live with the priority of heaven, living open-hearted and open-handed, we live under an open heaven. Have you experienced the power of prioritizing Heaven by putting God first in your finances? Share that testimony with your Group.

(7) At the end of the service, we took some time to enjoy the presence of God in worship. What was that experience like for you? Did it impact you in any way? Share what God did inside of you during that time.
Read with Faith Church in this reading plan. Nov 12th, we are on day 312. Hope to have you along with us!