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Responding to the King - May 8 | Leawood
Find Your Rest
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Adoption and Foster Care Gathering | May 15
If you are involved in adoption or foster care, or would like to learn how to support families who are, come to our church-wide gathering on Sunday, May 15, in the Cafe. Pizza will be served at 12:45pm, and the meeting is 1:15-2:00pm.

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Big Time for Families | June 6–9
Big Time is coming! The “Time Machine” will be landing June 6-9. Families, come discover who is traveling inside to tell God’s story. Big Time is connecting families and growing families.

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8th Annual Golf Event | August 13
Save the Date! Join us at Deer Creek Golf Club for our annual church-wide Christ Community golf tournament Saturday, August 13. Please direct any questions to Barry Roberts ( or Alan Mercer (, or visit our website.
Sermon Notes | May 8, 2016
Responding to the King | Find Your Rest
Speaker: Andrew Jones,

>> Rest is a person.
>> What is your work beneath the work?
>> Are you busy doing good or just doing "stuff"?

1. Takeaway. This Sunday, what was personally convicting, encouraging, enlightening, or helpful to you? Spend time discussing this.
2. Question. What was something that was confusing, unclear, or even offensive about the sermon this Sunday?
3. Read TEXT. How is Jesus’ idea of Sabbath rest different from that of the Pharisees? Consider the fact that this story is placed right after his invitation into a light burden and a restful yoke. (Hint: it has to do with a person, not just a practice).
4. Andrew talked about biblical rest being primarily about a person, Jesus. What is the difference between resting in Jesus and simply resting through inactivity? Why are both important?
5. Read the excerpt below. According to Jesus, sabbath rest includes doing good for others. Keller explains how this could apply within our places of work. What does it look like to “rest” in in this way through your work?

Excerpt from “Wisdom and Sabbath Rest” by Tim Keller (
"In global cities, many people are stingy with their money yet freely give their bodies away. By contrast, we Christians are stingy with our bodies and generous with our money. Likewise, many people are willing to mortgage their souls to work, but at a certain point Christians have to say, “I’m willing to set fewer goals, not go up the ladder as fast, and even risk not accomplishing as much, because I have to take Sabbath time off. And ultimately, I don’t need to be incredibly successful. I can choose this path of freedom because of the inner rest I’ve received from Jesus Christ through what he has done for me.”
6. Spend some time in prayer together. Pray for where we are struggling to rest in God’s gift through Christ, and not in our own accomplishments.

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