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Sunday Morning Service
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II Peter 1:1-11
Make Sure

1. In the first 11 verses know and knowledge is expressed. Know or knowledge is gnosis…it means to gain knowledge by information (v. 5, 6) Knowledge is epignosis which means full knowledge. It is knowledge gained by experience. (1:2 grace and peace are gained by knowing Jesus Christ by experience.) (1:3 All things that pertained to life and godliness comes from knowing Jesus Christ by experience) (1:8 These things flow from knowing Christ by experience and one will not be unfruitful or barren in the knowledge of Him). I need to bring Jesus Christ into all matters of life and godliness.
2. Why do Christians lack the assurance of salvation? Make your calling sure.
3. I believe we are told in II Peter 1:1-11

Why do Christians lack the assurance of salvation? Make your calling sure.
I. WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN 1:3-4 We Don’t Appropriate
A. We Have Been Given Plenty 3
According to His divine power… Power is from which we get our word dynamite.
The power was used of Zeus. Zeus was the greatest of the Greek Gods. He could
overcome anything!
Having been given…Power is granted and gifted to us.
1.All things that pertain to life. All that I will ever need has been granted to me.
*Life is Zoe from which we get our word zoo or zoology. The commencement, continuation and completion of the Christian life is in view. At salvation ‘new life’ was implanted.
*All has been granted to me and you, but we don’t appropriate what has been given. Through the knowledge of Him…Let Him into everything you call ‘life’.
Your home, family, job, fears, worries, attitudes…Let Him In!
2.All thing that pertain to godliness
*The word involves inner attitudes and activity that is pleasing to God.
*This is not native to the human heart. It is given by His dynamite power to us as a gift! It is available, but we don’t appropriate it!
*How does this become mine? Through the knowledge of Him who called us…I need to know Him by experience. I bring Him into my thought life…my inner life as I do so I will experience a full, real knowledge of Him.
*called us to glory and virtue…As I know Him by experience I will show forth the character of Jesus Christ!
B. We Have Been Given Promises 4a
1. By which the knowledge of Him and His divine power are in view.
2. It is through these that the promises are given. That by these promises you might
become partakers of the divine nature: Some of the promises that lead us to
(John 14:6 I am the way, the truth…no man comes to the Father but by Me) (I John
5:12 He that has the Son has life. He that has not the Son has not life.) (John
3:16) (John 1:12 As many has received Him He give the ability to become
children of God, even to those who believe on His name.)
*Upon believing you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise…partakers of the divine nature.
*We lack assurance when we doubt God’s word and don’t appropriate His promises. Can God Lie??
C. We Have Been Given Power 4b
Having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.
1.Escaped is to escape by flight. Like Joseph and Potiphar’s wife…he ran!!
2.(I Cor. 10:13 There has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man…God will with the temptation also make a way of escape.) Flee youthful lusts. Make no provision for the flesh!
3.Lust is strong desires. You will question your salvation when you are controlled by your fleshly desires. You still have them after you become a believer!

Why do Christians lack the assurance of salvation? Make your calling sure.
II. WE ARE TO GROW 1:5-7 We Don’t Advance
For this reason…to escape…apply all diligence.
A. Diligence 5a
1. Diligence the word is used here and in v. 10 where it says, Give diligence to make
your calling and election sure.
2. “To make haste” “To exert one’s self”
3.Along with divine power and knowing Christ by experience…do your part. Give 110%.
4.“God gives the fire, we fan the flames.” The Christian life doesn’t ‘just happen’. This boundless life takes discipline, and making ‘these things’ intentional in your walk of faith.
B. Direction 5b-7
These are a chain which flows from His divine power and knowing Him by experience.
1.Virtue (moral courage…lying, cheating, hypocrisy, etc)
2.Knowledge is making decisions…knowing right from wrong. Information gained by the Word of God.
3.Self Control which is a fruit of the Spirit and gained through knowing God’s word.
4.Endurance…Patience this is the inner power of endurance produced by the Word and power of the Holy Spirit.
5.Brotherly Kindness is benevolence toward God’s people.
6.Love is agape love of self sacrifice. The Love has its source in God, is sustained by God and culminated by God. This love is not naturally found in us.
The Christian life of assurance is a growing life, but we never arrive. We are to be advancing in all of the above. If you are not growing, you will not have the assurance of salvation. “I’m not sure that I’m saved.” You’ve stopped growing. Relationship has been replaced by religion.

Why do Christians lack the assurance of salvation? Make your calling sure.
III. WE WILL GAIN 1:8-11 We Don’t Appreciate
A. If These Things Be In You 8,10
1. You Will Be Fruitful 8
*The Place of These Things…In You…This is not Sunday decoration. It’s an
internal work. Abound is a Spirit Filled life which is an overflowing life. The
word is that of a river overflowing its banks.
*The Product of These Things…Neither unfruitful or useless, barren in the real
knowledge of Christ. Allow Christ to do a work in you or there will be a lack of
appreciation which will lead to a lack of assurance. Are you controlled by the Holy
2. You Will Never Fall 10,11
*By doing these is an evidence of knowing Christ by experience and His divine
power working in us.
*If you do these things you will never fall…Allow Christ to work in us. There
will be a rich abundant entrance into the eternal.
*We win in this life and in the life to come!
B. If These Things Be Not In You 9,10a
“He that lacks these things” not only will that one be unfruitful and barren also:
1. Blind…You just can’t see it. You don’t appreciate what God is doing.
2. Nearsighted…You cannot see afar off. This is a person wrapped up in the here
and now and in themselves. He is occupied with this world!
3.Forgotten…he has a spiritual loss of memory. Has forgotten he was cleansed
from these old sins. By not having positive growth one will revert to his or her old
sins. He will question his salvation…and He should!
4. Make your calling and election sure…For this reason give all diligence (v. 5) be
eager to make an effort. If there is no growth, effort or desire for spiritual things
are you sure you are saved? Sure…we must base our personal assurance on
evidences. Is there any fruit in your life? Spiritual growth confirms that God has
called us and chosen us. Calling and election are from God alone. The way we
live will confirm or deny our profession.

Are you sure that you are saved? Make your calling and election sure.

Are You Appropriating His divine power? Do you know Him by experience?
Are You Advancing? Are you growing in your walk with Christ?
Are You Appreciating? Are you fruitful or barren? Are you blind or nearsighted? Have you forgotten that you were cleansed from your old sins?

Make your calling and election sure.
If there is no evidence, are you sure that you are saved?

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