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Have you ever had that friend in your life who either did something or maybe said something that left you thinking to yourself, “man I need new friends.”

If we were really honest with ourselves, how many of us have been that other friend?

In order to have a good friend, we have to be a good friend.
We know that those people that we surround ourselves with on a regular basis, who we allow to have influence in our lives can either encourage us towards Christ’s likeness or draw us further away from Christ Likeness.

Are we so focused on looking at others and trying to fix the problem by surrounding ourselves with others only to be the one dragging them down.
Lets face it, we can’t be best friends with everyone right?

As reported by the Massachusetts Institute of technology, there is actually a long standing anthropological theory that states that our brains may limit the number of people who play a meaningful role in our lives. And according to this study our capacity for close simultaneous friendships peaks at approximately 5 people.
There are two root words in the Hebrew that are used to describe a friend or friendship, (R'h) denotes an associate or companion and (ahv) relates to the object of one’s affection or devotion.
characteristic number 1 of a good friend is that good friends:
1) Are loyal

Jonathan was about as loyal as a friend as you can get. He loved David as much as he loved himself and was willing to put his own life and reputation on the line for him.
Would those people closest to me in life say that I am loyal, or do I have some work to do?

Are we willing to be like Jonathan, to stick by his friend no matter what or do we jump ship the second things get hard, we get offended, or danger comes?
The second characteristic that we can gain from this story is that good friends:
2) Believe the best
There is nothing that will tear a relationship apart faster than when someone is willing to believe anything they hear without getting all the facts. I heard this quote recently that I just love:

Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds gold. ~ Anonymous

We can avoid a lot of heartache and a lot of trouble if we adopted this characteristic in our lives. Now sometimes those things we hear end up being true but when we choose to believe the best but find out the opposite, I believe there is power in that and we can then in a healthy way begin to work through those things.
It is easy to focus on the miracle of the healing, which is pretty awesome, but that wouldn’t have been possible without those four men, right?

As we continue look at what it means to be a good friend the third characteristic of a good friend that we see in this story is that good friends:

3) Are present
The best friends in life make a way and are intentional about being present in the lives of their friends.
The fourth characteristic of a good friend that jumps out of this story is that good friends:

4) Have tenacious faith
But despite all, they did it anyway, because they had big enough faith to think that if they could somehow just get him to Jesus, all would be well for their friend.

"Seeing THEIR faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “My Child, your sins are forgiven."
So… Now that we have identified some of those key characteristics of a good friend, how do we put those into practice.

What if you are one of those who would say that you know what, I don’t really have any good friends in my life or maybe you need some new one.
Move out of our comfort zone and move into the friendship zone.
In order to have a good friend we have to first be a good friend. I want to challenge you this week to take an introspective look at your life and be honest and ask yourself, “Am I a good friend?”

Lets dedicate ourselves to being friends that:
1) Are loyal
2) Believe the best
3) Are present
4) Have tenacious faith