Harvest 21-Day Devotional
Day Sixteen - November 6th
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  • Wherever You Are
    Monday 1:00 AM
As David is gathering his leaders to give to the building of the very first temple, David makes a key statement: Everything He has comes from God.

One of the reasons why it’s often difficult for us to give generously to others or God is because we’re under the false assumption that what we have is ours. But EVERYTHING we have is a gift from God. Even the air we breathe.

When we recognize that everything comes from God, we are liberated to use what is given to us to serve others. It’s an amazing feeling.

When you look at your life, what’s the hardest thing for you to acknowledge that it has indeed come from God? As an exercise, try and pick 5-10 things today that you have in your life, and thank God that He has given them to you. Gratefulness breeds generosity.