Harvest 21-Day Devotional
Day Fifteen - November 5th
Locations & Times
  • Wherever You Are
    Sunday 1:00 AM
God speaks. He really does. It’s not always in an audible voice like Samuel heard. Often it’s in impressions we have in our heart, or through the Bible, or through the words of a friend. But He does speak.

As you begin to think about giving a pledge to Harvest a week from today, would you pray that God speaks to you? One of the things we learned during Amplify was that we were able to purchase our land because SO many people went to God and asked God to speak to them, and He did. He moved them to give a certain number.

My prayer is that once again the people of Renovation go to God and ask what He would have them give. This decision is ultimately spiritual before it’s financial. It’s not just about what “you can make work” but about what “God wants you to make work.” Trust in your God and ask Him to speak.