Harvest 21-Day Devotional
Day Eight - October 29th
Locations & Times
  • Wherever You Are
    Sunday 1:00 AM
Each of us have a different role to play in God’s kingdom. We’re all called to share our faith and help disciple people, but we might each specialize in a different role. Some of you are great at sharing your faith with people you hardly know. For others of you, that sounds about as intimidating as speaking in front of a crowd of 10,000 people! While others are more gifted to be behind the scenes, to help with hospitality, or to be there for someone who is hurting.

However God wants to use you, the fact is, you’re an integral part of His Harvest process. Whether you’re the person who tills the dirt, plants the seed, grabs the watering can, waters it, or reaps it, every person matters! We all have a part to play, but we must never forget that, as verse 7 says, GOD is the one who MAKES THINGS GROW!

As you continue to pray for the future of Renovation Church and play a significant role in our future yourself, may we never forget that it is God that ultimately makes things grow, not us. To God be the glory!