Harvest 21-Day Devotional
Day Six - October 27th
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  • Wherever You Are
    Friday 1:00 AM
In this passage of Scripture, the Apostle Paul shares with us some rare words of Jesus outside of the 4 Gospels. However, most Americans, if polled, might attribute the words, “It’s better to give than to receive” to Santa rather than Jesus. And yet, it was indeed God’s Son who first brought this truth to the world.

In fact, his whole life is about that truth. He could have just stayed in heaven and continued receiving everything He could have ever wanted, but instead, he came to earth and gave of his life. And yet, even knowing that, our tendency is to want to keep what we can for ourselves rather than giving more away. We think we’ll be happier that way. And yet, we’re not trusting in the words of Jesus: that we’ll actually be happier giving than receiving.

One of the things that always takes me back (I guess I’m a slow spiritual learner) is how happy people have told me they’ve been in pledging significantly to Amplify (our land project) over the past 3 years. Sure, it was a sacrifice. Sure, it was hard. But so many have told me that it also gave them great joy to give to something that is going to significantly impact SO many people’s lives for generations to come. There is joy in giving…especially when you know it’s going to have an eternal impact. Thank you for praying about being generous!