Harvest 21-Day Devotional
Day Five - October 26th
Locations & Times
  • Wherever You Are
    Thursday 1:00 AM
As Jesus and his disciples are sitting in the temple courtyard, they notice people putting money in the temple offering. If Jesus would have asked his disciples, “Who put in more” what do you think they would have answered? Certainly not the woman who put in the small copper coins that were basically worthless. Those coins were not unlike the modern-day penny that many people believe we should just take out of circulation.

And yet, giving is not measured by dollar amounts. Giving is measured by how much we truly give of ourselves. Maybe you’ve started to think about possibly giving to Harvest, but you keep thinking, “What can I even give? I can’t give $100,000 or even anywhere near $10,000!”

Commitments are not about equal gifts, but about an equal sense of sacrifice. Not everyone
has the resources to give a $100,000 gift, but every person does have the ability and the opportunity to meaningfully invest themselves in what God is doing in our church. We can’t all give equally, but we can all sacrifice equally.

We know that we’re never going to get to the building – to have room for the Lord to continue adding to our number – unless we all do this together. The reason we are land owners today is because such a crazy-high percentage of the people of Renovation Church pledged to our Amplify project. And all of those little pledges really added up! Trust that God can use you. Even if the total amount seems small, it’s the amount of sacrifice that really matters!