Harvest 21-Day Devotional
Day Four - October 25th
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  • Wherever You Are
    Wednesday 1:00 AM
This particular Bible story teaches us many things. It shows the radical forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Here is a former prostitute who has walked in and done a nice thing for Jesus. She wasn’t afraid that Jesus would condemn her or that he wouldn’t want to be seen with her. She deeply understood his love for her.

And what’s interesting about this woman is that Jesus’ love for her results in a tangible and demonstrable change in her life. Jesus has blessed her and she wants to bless him back. There are plenty of ways that we can do this for Jesus, but one of the most tangible ways is certainly by being generous with what we have. John 12:5 tells us that this particular bottle of perfume was worth a year’s worth of wages! Jesus infers in this passage that this woman has been forgiven much, so she loves him much!

And yet, isn’t that all of us? Haven’t we all been forgiven so much? One of the ways we can show that love back to Him is by being generous. Trust in God that He is good and He will take care of you today!